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Don’t Cook Yourself To Death

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

For a long time we have known that heavily cooked foods inflict massive damage to the genes.
A group at the University of Minnesota reported that women who ate overcooked hamburgers had a 50% greater risk of breast cancer than women who ate rare or medium hamburgers. The Women’s Health Study in Iowa found that women who consistently eat well-done steak, hamburgers, and bacon increase their risk of breast cancer four-fold.
The bottom line is that deep-fried foods are dangerous to our health. And, Oh how we love that deep-fried chicken.

It’s your health!

Check out Life Extension Magazine, August 2015.

High Temperature Effects On Food

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

People do not realize what high temperature does to the food we eat and in the process the harm it causes our bodies.

Food cooked at high temperature increases the rate we age. Scientists discovered that eating foods cooked at high temperatures causes inflammation.
Breast and prostate cancer are greatly increased in people who eat heavily cooked meat such as hamburgers. When any food is heated to a high temperature (over 300 degrees), chemical changes cause damage to our cells.

One study found that men who eat just one and a half servings of processed meat or one or more servings of grilled read meat or well-done meat once a week increased their risk of advanced prostate by 50 percent. (I wish I had known this before 2004 when I had my cancerous prostate removed.) Can you imagine what happens when a person eats high-temperature meat every day?

Maybe this will cause you to look at and maybe change your diet.

(This information is taken from Life Extension Magazine, August 2015)

Breast Cancer

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

This is important enough to copy from Life Extension:

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer recently, this message may be of importance.

Most breast cancer patients do not die directly from their malignancy.

Side effects from treatment, however, can be significant even if therapy is limited to lumpectomy.

An alternative treatment is now available that has been shown to work as well as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, but without the side effects.

In fact, the 15-patient initial clinical trial showed this alternative therapy produced superior results to conventional therapy, but the study was small in size and more data will be needed before a definitive comparison can be made.

The following link describes this non-toxic therapy and the results of the 15-patient clinical trial in detail:

Read Article Here
If after reading this report you want to inquire further about this treatment, please contact:

International Strategic Cancer Alliance


The International Strategic Cancer Alliance (ISCA) is a separate legal entity from Life Extension, but both organizations have a common goal of eradicating diseases such as cancer and of providing information and services to consumers seeking to maintain optimal health. Both organizations share in part common owners.

Vitamin D

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Vitamin D is fat-soluble and effects more than 200 genes in your body. It is essential for optimal health. Yet there is widespread vitamin D deficiency.
If you lived at the Equator you probably wouldn’t need to supplement vitamin D. But here in Minnesota you only have three or four months where you probably can get enough D from the sun. They say that 20 minutes a day of exposure to the sun without makeup or sun screen is sufficient. But in the winter time the sun is too low to give you the needed vitamin D. To top this off the American Academy of Dermatology has said that vitamin D should not be obtained from unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning devices.

So the safest thing to do is to take a vitamin D supplement of 2,000 to 5,000 IU a day. After three months take a 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood test so you get your optimal blood level. The standard today is between 50-80 ng/mL year round.

You can check it out at Life Extension

Chia – Inhibiting Diabetes

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

With so many people today with diabetes and prediabetes research suggests supplementing with chia gel which can prevent insulin resistance that leads to diabetes.
Consuming chia with a meal can combat blood sugar spiking by turning food into a constant, steady blood-sugar energy. “Chia’s high content of complete protein and its combination of soluble and insoluble fiber combine with the chia-gel barrier to slow down your body’s conversion of carbohydrates into blood sugar.”
Life Extension, January 2015

Egg and Butter Replacement

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Continuing with the chia seeds we see they are excellent replacement for eggs. Because of the gelling of chia it can be used as substitute in foods and baked goods. Use one tablespoon of chia seeds and three tablespoons of water and let sit for 15 minutes.
Also chia gel can be used for to replace half of the butter called for by making up the other half with chia.
For those people who want to reduce dietary cholesterol and calories this is a good substitute.

The Amazing Chia Seed

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Most people think of chia as the figures that grow hair by watering them. This is because the chia seed forms a think gel holding the chia seeds together.
But there is a more important use of the chia seed.
Studies have shown that chia (Salvia hispanica) is an all around nutritional source. It provides protein, magnesium, phosphorus, and essential fatty acids. It is also the richest vegan source of omega-3.
Chia, which is Mayan for “strength”, is a desert plant native to Central America.
It’s one of today’s super foods.

Chia for weight loss
Hunger is an enemy of weight loss. So here comes the chia seed. Chia seeds quickly absorb liquid to create a gel. Hence the terra cotta Chia Pets which appear to grow hair overnight. The gel coating from chia seeds tricks the stomach into thinking it is full. And the seeds absorb 12 times their weight with very little added calories.
Add two tablespoons of chia to your diet and get 10 grams of fiber – a third of your daily requirement.
Check this out at the January 2015 issue of Life Extension.

Major Advance in Slowing Aging

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Last year, 2014, I was hardly able to breathe. Western medicine told me I was healthy. So I had to go to treatments with acuscope and myopulse. These treatments took the inflammation out of my body, opened my cells and let me breathe again. Now I feel healthier than I have in years. But the insurance companies don’t want to pay for treatments that work without the aid of the pharmaceutical companies.

I am learning that as we age, or mature, our cells lose the ability to purge themselves of accumulated junk, called “cellular junk”. This induces low levels of inflammation. My body was filled with inflammation and my cells closed us so they hardly allowed nutrients into the cell and cleanse toxins out of these same cells. With the work of the acuscope. which used micro levels of electrical pulses, they cleaned out my cells and opened them up so I could get oxygen which is delivered by the blood.

AMPK, which stands for adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, is an enzyme that plays a critical role in cellular homeostasis. AMPK works as a master switch to regulate cells functions such as uptake of glucose, burning of fats, and formation of new mitochondria.

AMPK stimulates energy metabolism by telling cells to burn glucose and fatty acids. This is one way that AMPK lowers blood glucose and reduces storage of body fat. (I’m just now beginning with a supplement with AMPK so I’ll tell you later how it worked for me.)

Boswellia Tempers Cancer Promotion

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Inflammation plays a central role in promoting cancers of virtually all kinds. My body was so full of inflammation that I had two different kinds of cancers. Both were surgically removed.
Inhibiting inflammation is a key part of cancer prevention. This is where Boswellia plays a key part, especially the boswellia acids as AKBA.

Boswellia comes from the plant resin, frankincense, from a tree called Boswellia serrata. Boswellia extracts have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of conditions caused by inflammation. The specific compound that scientists have identified as having potent pain reducing benefits is AKBA (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid).

The Boswellia acids such as AKBA can be very effective against cancers but shutting down the master inflammation regulatory complex NF-KappaB in tumor cells. Boswellia can bring about early cell death and regression of tumors.

As a side-note. The Biblical story of the “Wise Men” in the birth of Jesus has them bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh. Truly gifts for a king.

Inflammation and Most Cancers

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

A common under-recognized molecule that most people have never heard of: nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kB), is implicated in about 95% of all cancers.

A landmark study published late in 2011 confirmed NK-kB’s central role in the onset of malignant breast cancer.

NK-kB is the master regulator of this cancer causing process. Researchers recognized that if they could block activation of NF-kB, they might break the essential link in cancer development.

There are a number of nutrients that can slow or stop NK-kB’s development. Estimates from 67% to 90% of human cancers could be prevented by modifying lifestyle -especially diet.

Phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables as well as many spices can help prevent cancer.

Vitamins C and E, carotenoids, the so-called theol antioxidants and others are under review for blocking NF-kB.

Read the whole article in the November issue of Life Extension.