Power of Music

New research is showing what people who have worked with those with neurological diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s have known all along. Music is their medicine. Music can boost their cognitive skills, calm them down and in some cases even restore some memory. Often music “wakes up” people with Alzheimer’s according to music therapists. The patient may even begin talking again. Jane Flinn, a behavioral neuroscientist at George Mason University, and graduate student Linda Maguire tested the effects of singing on people with Alzheimer’s disease with familiar songs. Using the Mini Mental State Examination, a cognitive diagnostic test, they showed the mental acuity of people who listened to music often rose sharply. In some cases the need for medication was lessened.
One pioneer in the work of music therapy, Connie Tomaino, showed where people who were catatonic started listening to her play the guitar and became calm and some even started singing along.
There is much we can learn from music.
I recently saw a show about Glenn Campbell where music helped him enjoy people and life again.
Why can’t we bring back music in our schools?

Some of this information was gleaned from AARP.

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