High Temperature Effects On Food

People do not realize what high temperature does to the food we eat and in the process the harm it causes our bodies.

Food cooked at high temperature increases the rate we age. Scientists discovered that eating foods cooked at high temperatures causes inflammation.
Breast and prostate cancer are greatly increased in people who eat heavily cooked meat such as hamburgers. When any food is heated to a high temperature (over 300 degrees), chemical changes cause damage to our cells.

One study found that men who eat just one and a half servings of processed meat or one or more servings of grilled read meat or well-done meat once a week increased their risk of advanced prostate by 50 percent. (I wish I had known this before 2004 when I had my cancerous prostate removed.) Can you imagine what happens when a person eats high-temperature meat every day?

Maybe this will cause you to look at and maybe change your diet.

(This information is taken from Life Extension Magazine, August 2015)

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