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The Tale of Antibiotics

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Antibiotics were “born” when Sire Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillium in 1928.
It became a wonder drug.
It killed the bad bacteria – and also the good.
Then antibiotics began showing up in our food-milk and meat.
Now agriculture accounts for about 80% of all antibiotics used in the U.S. Every year 24.6 million pounds for purposes other than fighting disease.
It makes cows grow bigger and faster.

Now we learn that bacteria are intelligent. They can change and become resistant to antibiotics.

There is a simple answer to this problem of super bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
1) a multi-strain probiotic
2) eat real food
3) eat probiotic rich food

Let’s take antibiotics out of the food chain.


Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Today CoQ10 is readily available and can be bought over the counter. It wasn’t always like that. The FDA banned it first so Japan become the country that profited from it. In fact twice the FDA seized the CoQ10 produced by Life Extension only having to return it after legal action by Life Extension. This action by the FDA caused millions of deaths in the U.S.
Moving on! The FDA and doctors like fast-acting drugs like warfarin (not popular now by the drug industry) over supplements like CoQ10 which takes a while to build up in the body’s system but has no harmful effects. And Life Extension found that low doses of CoQ10 didn’t provide the needed benefits.

My choice, for years, has been CoQ10 over fast-acting drugs that have harmful and sometimes deadly effects.

What’s your choice?

Some of this information has been taken from Life Extension Magazine.