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The Second Brain-Cont-d

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Of your three organs, skin, lungs, and digestive tube, the digestive tube is the largest, which runs between 10 and 15 feet. From your mouth to your anus finds the most important functions for life. It breaks down food, absorbs nutrients, and eliminates waste. In the intestinal tube are folds and sub folds (villi and microvilli) which increases the contact surface to two hundred time the area of the skin covering your body.
The cells of the intestinal wall look very much like a brick wall. Each cell is closely attached by tight junctions. They keep what is foreign out while letting in whatever the body needs–digested food.
The trouble begins when there is a missing cell or a loosened junction which lets undigested food, and good and bad bacteria inside the digestive tube. This leads to a condition called hyperpermeability, or leaky gut.

This is the beginning of many illnesses.
–Dr. Alejandro Junger

Your Second Brain

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

According to Dr. Junger, a clean gut means a healthy body. He along with others talk about the gut being the second brain.
“Your body has two brains: one in your head and one in your gut. When you have a thought, tiny sparks of electricity show up within the neurons in your head. The brain in your head is the hardware for your thoughts. But when you experience a ‘gut feeling’ or intuition, the tiny sparks of electricity show up within the neurons in your second brain.” – Dr. Junger
The gut has four main parts:
the digestive tube,
the gut-associated lymphatic tissue,
the intestinal flora, and
the gut’s nervous system

Only three major organs come into physical contact with the outside world: your skin, your lungs, and your digestive tube.

The easiest to see is your skin. Healthy skin is uninterrupted and most things bounce off it. The others are more complicated. When you breathe, air enters your body. Oxygen comes in and it’s still outside your body until it passes into the lung’s pulmonary capillaries and is carried away by red blood cells. The same is true for food and drink. Technically it’s outside your body until it is broken down and absorbed through the intestinal wall.

-more to come-

Gut Dysfunction

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

How the gut functions has a direct and indirect effect on every cell in your body. Dr. Junger points out how a dysfunction in the gut may come out as a skin rash. Now doctors are taught to treat the rash with an ointment or cream. It may clear up the rash but you haven’t gotten to the root of the problem. So the gut shows some other system of disease.

I would encourage you to read Dr. Junger’s book CLEAN GUT if you want to restore your health.

Your Gut

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Dr. Alejandro Junger, in 1998, realized that scientists noticed that all chronic diseases had one thing in common: inflammation. The chain is before chronic disease, there is inflammation; but before inflammation comes dysfunction.
For years I have been fighting inflammation but until now I never got to the source of my problem – your gut.
Everything goes back to gut dysfunction. Clean your gut and most chronic diseases will disappear. Sounds easy! But your gut didn’t get injured in a day and will not clear up in a day.
For two weeks now I have been cleaning out the inflammation in my body through treatments. I’ll go into more detail in the future.

Unfortunately the medical world is set up to see what’s ailing the patient now and then to give drugs and anti-bodies.

If you want to eliminate disease get to the root of the problem – your gut.

When Dr. Junger talks about the gut he refers to more than just the body’s digestive system. He talks about the living organisms inside the gut, the intestinal flora, and the immune and nervous systems around the walls of the intestines.

Dr. Junger’s contends that if you learn how your gut works and understand how to repair it and keep it clean, your life will be healthier and your life more vibrant.