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A Name You Can Trust

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

With all the hype and substandard products on the market it’s nice to have a name you can trust. Even as some medical personnel are saying we don’t need supplements scientific evidence shows that we do not get the full amount of nutrients  needed as we grow older.

I would like to present you with a name you can trust.

Nordic Naturals® Professional Exclusive Division Announces Gold Partner Status with Emerson Quality Program (SM) (EQP)

Watsonville, CA (June 30, 2010) Nordic Naturals Professional Exclusive Division announced today the company’s participation as a gold level partner in the Emerson Quality ProgramSM, a voluntary, one-of-a-kind quality assurance program for the nutritional supplements industry which provides practitioners with manufacturer-specific information to assist in confidently recommending the highest quality products to their patients. Participating manufacturers that meet or exceed Emerson Ecologics’ rigorous quality standards are awarded the distinction of EQP Partner in one of three designations (Partner, Silver Partner or Gold Partner) after careful and comprehensive evaluation of quality manufacturing practices.

Nordic Naturals was awarded the EQP Gold Partner level, the highest rating available, which includes the following standards and requirements:

1.      Compliance with current GMPs, acceptable third party audit, raw material supplier qualification and raw material testing for identity and purity as evidenced on CoA.

2.      Use of most appropriate testing methodologies, potency testing and a validated risk-based approach to testing adulterants and contaminants

3.      Testing of every batch for identity, potency, microbiological and other applicable contaminants, a stability program in place, plus demonstrated evidence of research and product development, clinical trial support and sustainable environmental practices.

According to Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, and VP of Quality and Education at Emerson Ecologics, “Nordic Naturals has established itself as a leader in quality standards for fish oil. With its impressive list of completed and in-progress clinical trials as well as their consistent testing of each batch of raw material and finished product, we are very pleased to extend the gold status recognition to this company.”

“As part of our mission, Nordic Naturals emphasizes the critical need for quality to be verified through third party assessment and we are deeply appreciative of Emerson Ecologics’ new program. Working together as partners, we are ensuring important quality measures for our practitioners and their patients,” announced Monique Wellise, Nordic Naturals Professional Exclusive Division Sales Manager.

Emerson Ecologics, LLC is the leading provider of products and services to the professional integrative healthcare community, distributing over 20,000 products from hundreds of industry leading manufacturers to naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors, licensed acupuncturists, dieticians, medical doctors, and nurses.

Since 1995, Nordic Naturals has been the industry leader in fish oil supplementation, setting standards of excellence in the areas of purity, freshness, taste, and sustainability. With a reputation for efficacy and potency, Nordic Naturals fish oils and EFA blends are regularly chosen by independent research institutions and universities with 13 published scientific studies already completed and more than 30 currently underway. Distributing to over 20 countries on 6 continents, Nordic Naturals offers over 150 products in a variety of flavors, concentrations, and delivery forms. Nordic Naturals continues to deliver on its promise of innovation and quality you can trust. 800.662.2544 or visit

Press announcement from Nordic Naturals

The Amazing Vitamin D

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

For a vitamin that has just in recent years come into the spotlight, vitamin D has sure made a splash. Technically vitamin D doesn’t fit the classic definition of a vitamin. A vitamin is a substance that is crucial to normal everyday life function but can’t be synthesized in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from the diet.

Your skin has the ability to manufacture as much as 10,000 IU of vitamin D after just 20-30 minutes of summer sun exposure. But limiting factors like age, skin color, your geographic latitude and seasonal variation in sunlight, plus the necessity of sunblock all play a role in how much vitamin D is actually produced.

Too much sun damages the skin, creating wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Actually vitamin D more closely resembles a hormone than a vitamin. Hormones are chemical messengers produced by certain glands and cells in your body that bind to specific receptors in order to produce a targeted biological response. The active form of vitamin D, calcitriol is one of the most powerful hormones in the body which has the ability to activate over 2,000 genes – roughly 10% of the human genome.

Read the rest of the story in Life Extension, June 2010, p. 74

Revolutionary New Product from Nordic Naturals Addresses Fish Oil and Probiotic Supplementation

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Watsonville, CA (June 15, 2010) Nordic Naturals, the industry leader in omega-3 fish oil, introduces Omega Probiotic™, a synergistic blend of fish oil and live probiotic spores for optimal digestive and gastrointestinal health. The breakthrough formula combines two important nutrients that are commonly lacking in today’s modern diet in one easy-to-take supplement that does not require refrigeration.

Concentrated fish oil works in synergy with a unique spore-form probiotic, Bacillus coagulans, to deliver all the health benefits of omega-3s (EPA+DHA), while also supporting the immune system and promoting an optimal balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. Unlike most probiotics on the market, this species of probiotic is in spore form. Research shows that this unique spore-form probiotic delivers ten times more live cultures than common probiotic yogurt cultures, delivers those cultures more effectively, and does not require special treatments such as refrigeration.

According to Dr. Joseph Maroon, Nordic Naturals Medical Advisor, “This timely product provides an important way for consumers to be proactive with their health care. This two-in-one product is also perfect for travel, making compliance easy.”

Nordic Naturals Omega Probiotic offers these important benefits:

  • Provides over 2 billion stable and viable probiotic spores per serving
  • Provides double strength EPA+DHA fish oil for more omega-3 benefits
  • Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response
  • Promotes a healthy balance of intestinal flora
  • Enhances overall digestive and gastrointestinal health and function

Omega Probiotic contains purified fish oil from anchovies and sardines sustainably sourced from the waters of the South Pacific. Nordic Naturals’ policy is to harvest 100% of its fish in compliance with the Norwegian fisheries management system, which has been a model for the sustainable harvest of marine life for over 30 years. For more information about the company’s commitment to green and socially responsible initiatives, please visit

Since 1995, Nordic Naturals has been the industry leader in fish oil supplementation, setting standards of excellence in the areas of purity, freshness, taste, and sustainability. With a reputation for efficacy and potency, Nordic Naturals fish oils and EFA blends are regularly chosen by independent research institutions and universities with 13 published scientific studies already completed and more than 30 currently underway. Distributing to over 20 countries on 6 continents, Nordic Naturals offers over 150 products in a variety of flavors, concentrations, and delivery forms. Nordic Naturals continues to deliver on its promise of innovation and quality you can trust. For information, call 800.662.2544 or visit

Black tea may match green for weight benefits

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Like green tea, extracts from black tea may also help reduce weight gain and cut body fat levels, says a new study from Japan with rats and mice.

Supplementing the diet of lab animals fed a high-fat diet with black tea extracts suppressed body weight gain and body fat levels, with the benefits linked to reduced fat absorption, according to findings published in Nutrition.

Interest in tea and its constituents has bloomed in recent years, with the greatest focus on the leaf’s polyphenol content. Green tea contains between 30 and 40 per cent of water-extractable polyphenols, while black tea (green tea that has been oxidized by fermentation) contains between 3 and 10 per cent. Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea and is somewhere between green and black tea. The four primary polyphenols found in fresh tealeaves are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin (EGC), epicatechin gallate (ECG), and epicatechin (EC).

By Stephen Daniells, read the rest of the story in June 14, 2010

The Lethal Impact of Flawed Government

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

By Bill Faloon, Director of Life Extension Foundation

Horrifying problems are being overlooked by a majority of the American citizenry.

We hear almost daily reports of governmental ineptitude and fraud but blindly assume this will not seriously impact us.

Complacency in the face of oppressive and ineffective government is absurd in light of real world examples that exist today.

An extreme illustration can be seen between the per capita income of North and South Korea. If you are fortunate enough to live in South Korea, you enjoy annual per capitaincome of $26,000, but those confined to North Korea struggle with a meager annual per capita income of $1,700. The North Korean government shoots those who try to flee to China or the South.

It was not always this way. In the early part of last century, North Korea was the prosperous part of the country. It has more natural resources and had greater industrial development. After suffering nearly 60 years under the rule of a centrally directed economic dictatorship, the population is impoverished. Famine is estimated to have killed millions in the mid 1990s and remains a threat today. South Korea, on the other hand, has the 30th highest per capita income in the world.

The difference between South and North Korea is government.

In the United States today, our government is being manipulated at every level bypharmaceutical interests. As Life Extension® adamantly predicated in the 1980s, the inevitable consequence of governmental intrusion into health care is the approval of dangerous drugs, the delay of lifesaving therapies, and the financial insolvency of this nation.

In the coming months, you will be reading inside reports about how prescription drugs are being marked up 100 times over the cost of manufacture. Consumers pay these rip-off government-protected prices through their medical insurance premiums, prescription drug co-pays, or out-of-pocket purchases of FDA-approved medications.

To add insult to the largest consumer fraud in the history of mankind, pharmaceutical interests have successfully lobbied Congress to pass the Medicare Prescription Drug Act of 2007 and the Health Care Reform Act of 2010 that mandates that tax dollars be used to pay these grossly inflated prescription drug prices. Just imagine owning a business where you sell something for 100 times more than it costs to make, and thegovernment guarantees you get paid in full when your customers don’t have the money?

As you will read in this report, pharmaceutical industry greed extends beyond the hundreds of billions of profits guaranteed by your tax dollars. They are also using the government to suppress competition from low-cost dietary supplements by having agencies like the GAO (General Accounting Office) disseminate biased information for the purposes of motivating Congress to pass even more restrictive legislation against what you are allowed to put in your body.

You still have a choice as to whether this country goes the way of North or South Korea.Email your Congressional Representative and two Senators that you will not tolerate them denying your free access to dietary supplements.

Read Life Extension’s report on Pharmaceutical Profit, Big Government and Bias: The Plan to Destroy Access to Dietary Supplements


Saturday, June 5th, 2010

IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, affects at least 30 million people in the U.S. There is no single known cause or official cure. But what we eat and how we eat can play a part. Stress, chronic stress, may be involved. Food borne illness and the rise of certain medications (commonly overprescribed) may lead to IBS.

Dr. Gerard Mullin, director of Integrative Gastroenterology Nutrition at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore explained, “Restoring balance is the key to IBS and we are out of balance.

The typical American diet and our sedentary lifestyle contribute greatly to IBS. Also food sensitivities (like dairy or wheat) and allergies (such as shellfish or nuts) can play a role. Salmonella or E. coli, are triggers to IBS. Antibiotics, some birth control pills, and ironically, commonly prescribed drugs for another digestive complaint.

Dr. Dave Rakel, director of the Integrative Medicine program at the University of Wisconsin, believes there is a cure, but you must know your symptoms and reduce your gut’s sensitivity. The best way to find a cure is to work with a holistic practitioner and set up a diet and exercise.


Friday, June 4th, 2010

The more I look into my health and our nation’s health care crisis I become extremely disappointed with with our Federal Government and the agencies who are supposed to protect our health.

The pharmaceutical companies have taken control of the FDA and really don’t care about our health.

For example: the cure for cancer. Scientific evidence shows that sometimes drugs can slow the progress of cancer growth but cannot stop it.

On the other hand nutrition and exercise have been shown to “cure” cancer. If you want to say remission then 18 to 25 years is a long time in remission. No drug treatment has been able to match that but supplements have.

Chemotherapy and radiation destroys all cells, lowers the immune system in the body opening it up to new cancers. Chemo only works on about three different cancers but they want to give chemo for everything. Refuse chemo and look for alternative ways. Doctors have cured people with stage IV cancers without chemo.

Why doesn’t the government want to step in? The pharmaceutical companies have the politicians in their pocket.

How can we become more healthy? Quit eating processed food. Stay away from hydrogenated foods. Eat whole foods preferably organic. Take children off of almost every box of cereal and give them oatmeal, whole grain cereals without high fructose corn syrup, sugar and additives. Don’t eat genetically modified foods – most are poison to the body. Don’t buy meat which comes from feedlots and enclosed cages. Don’t buy meat, chicken,  pork, mutton, or beef not raised on open grasslands. Don’t buy meats fed with corn and soy, including farm raised fish of any kind.

The list could go on but to put it simple: Do away with agribusiness that uses genetically modified feeds filled with pesticides, herbicides, etc. and find a farmer’s market or organic distributor to buy wholesome food.

If you look at the U.S. population before World War II we were a lot healthier and didn’t have all the diseases we have today. E-coli comes with the way we farm our animals today and wasn’t an issue years ago.