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Bio-identical Hormones

Monday, August 31st, 2009

There has been a lot written about bio-identical hormones recently. Bio-identical hormones are chemically identical to the hormones in the human body. Bio-identical progesterone was first manufactured in the 1930s. But when the U.S. drug companies got involved they had to alter the chemical structure so that they could patent them. Natural bio-identical molecules cannot be patented and without patents there is no profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

Studies have shown that artificial hormones cause inflammation, insulin resistance, blood clots and other damage to the body. Inflammation is a big cause of heart problems.

As we learn more about bio-identical hormones we will be able to by-pass the damaging patented hormones and live a healthier life.

Vitamin D and Diabetics

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Low levels of vitamin D are known to nearly double the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes, and researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis now think they know why.

They have found that diabetics deficient in vitamin D can’t process cholesterol normally, so it builds up in their blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. The new research has identified a mechanism linking low vitamin D levels to heart disease risk and may lead to ways to fix the problem, simply by increasing levels of vitamin D.

“Vitamin D inhibits the uptake of cholesterol by cells called macrophages,” says principal investigator Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi, M.D., a Washington University endocrinologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. “When people are deficient in vitamin D, the macrophage cells eat more cholesterol, and they can’t get rid of it. The macrophages get clogged with cholesterol and become what scientists call foam cells, which are one of the earliest markers of atherosclerosis.”

From Circulation, August 25, 2009, htt://

Maximize Nutrients

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Dr. Andrew Weil brings out an interesting fact. Tomato sauce provides more lycopene – an important cancer and heart disease fighter – than raw tomatoes. It’s the heat that makes the lycopene molecules more bioavailable, and the oil often used in sauces allows the fat-loving antioxidants to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. A medium raw tomato contains 3.7 mg of lycopene. A half-cup of sauce gives you 19.4 mg of lycopene. Be sure to include the peels, as you will get 75% more lycopene and 41% more of beta-carotene.

Source: Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Newsletter, August 2009


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The polyphenol family is the largest group of plant-based nutrients and they have great cancer-fighting potential. This includes the subgroups tannins and flavonoids, compounds found in berries, teas, grapes/wine, olive oil, chocolate/cocoa, walnuts, peanuts, pomegranates, and most other fruits and vegetables. Many studies give solid evidence that diets rich in polyphenols result in significantly lower incidence for many kinds of cancer. These polyphenols have abilities to check cancer growth at numerous stages in its development. Standard chemotherapy drugs usually work at only one point in the cancer cell’s life cycle, and only after the cancer has started to develop.

You can read the whole story in the magazine Life Extension, Sept. 2009, p. 42.

Vitamin C May Help to Prevent Swine Flu

Monday, August 24th, 2009

German researchers have demonstrated that a baseline amount of beta-interferon must be active for competent immune recognition and response to any viral invader, which includes H1N1 (Swine Flu). Vitamin C among many other things increases the production of beta-interferon.

When the avian flu pandemic two years ago was going world-wide, research suggested taking up to 5 grams of vitamin C per day, 1 gram every hour to help fight off a bug.

For the full story see Wellness Resources, by Dr. Byron Richards, August 13, 2009 newsletter.

Effects of Poor Nutrition

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

As reported in Sunday’s Star Tribune, August 23, 2009, by Stephen Ohlemacher, AP, millions of older people will face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time since 1975. The reason, the government will deduct more for the Medicare prescription drug program. Recipients will receive the same dollar amount this year than they last year but the government will take more dollars out for Medicare so their checks will be smaller.

Older people need more medical help because they haven’t been getting proper nutrition as a rule. The lack of proper nutrition brings more disease and larger medical bills. If the pharmaceutical companies would push food supplements with the money they spend on advertising Americans would be healthier and not need their drugs. A catch 22.

Scientific studies have shown that most diseases come from lack of proper nutrition. Our bodies need the nutrients that are not in processed food. Therefore the need of supplementation is of vital importance.

Just to name a couple – we know that the majority of people do not get enough vitamin D. In Minnesota we only get enough vitamin D for three months out of the year. If we put on sunscreen then we don’t get enough even then. If we don’t put on sunscreen we could get skin cancer. Vitamin D3 is very inexpensive.

Coenzyme Q10 works in every cell of our body. As we get older out bodies don’t produce as much, so supplementation is necessary.

Omega-3, basically from fish oil, is an anti-inflammatory supplement. It lowers inflammation and reduces cholesterol.

The list goes on but I hope you get the idea, there are many ways you can reduce diseases like cardiac arrest, fibromyalgia, dementia, etc.

Red wine, red grapes, dark chocolate, green tea, more fiber all work to bring better health. Processed foods have too many pesticides, herbicides, salt, and that list goes on as well.

Remember, it’s never too late to improve your health.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic report positive effects of a green tea compound known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in a trial with patients with early stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

Another positive effect of green tea. You can follow this up in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Exciting News

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Exciting news as we come into the new world of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics looks at how the nutrients that we consume whether by food or supplements interact with our genes to impact our health. New research gives us information that fish oil with EPA and DHA could possibly nullify the genetic disposition of some people for developing cardiovascular disease.

Another study shows that green tea polyphenols and vitamin D produce a synergistic effect that increases bone mineral density and reduce inflammation and DNA damage.

Inflammation as we know plays a major role in cardiovascular disease, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Natural anti-inflammatory compounds found in fish oil, green tea, and cinnamon reduce the inflammation and lesson the possibility of these chronic conditions.

Vitamin D

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Studies are showing that low levels of vitamin D are related to almost every human disease. Vitamin D supplements are extremely low-cost and could save millions of dollars in treatment for other diseases. There is an added expense to including a blood test for the  vitamin D level so many doctors don’t want to do it. So for a few dollars doctors become penny wise and pound foolish.

Optimal vitamin D blood levels are over 50 ng/mL, yet most Americans’ levels are far below 30. When my doctor tested mine early last winter mine was only at 32 and I was taking some supplements. Now I’ve increased my daily intake to over 5,000.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine evaluated blood levels for vitamin D in intensive care unit (ICU) patients. The average serum vitamin D level was only 16 ng/mL. All patients with undetectable levels of vitamin D died. Those patients with the lowest levels of vitamin D had the most severe organ dysfunction and the worst outcomes.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine bases its financial projections on lots of aging people contracting cancer, vascular disease, and dementia. Therefore our medical industry doesn’t want to do away with the goose that lays those golden eggs. A dollar spent on vitamin D could save millions, even billions, in other health care costs.

Do your part in lowering health expenses. Have your vitamin D levels checked and take vitamin D supplements. (In Minnesota there are only about three months when we get enough vitamin D from the sun – and that’s if we don’t use sunscreen.)

Nutritional Supplements

Monday, August 17th, 2009

It’s hard to know where to begin when speaking of nutritional supplements. In 1982, supplement sales amounted to only two billion dollars. By 1999, sales were more than $15 billion, and growing more each day.

Only a couple of decades ago, just a few vitamins and minerals were the only supplements nutritionists needed to know about. Now with all the scientific advances that we have seen and are seeing every day, we’re beginning to understand how these supplements work in the human body.

Traditionally doctors have told us we don’t need supplements. They kept saying that over the years even as they began taking supplements for themselves. The FDA and other branches of our government are slow to come into the 21st century. Because the pharmaceutical companies basically write the laws on food and drugs, and the need for health care, neutraceuticals are being outlawed in many cases. The Food Guide Pyramid is calculated to contain all the nutrients a body needs. They maintain therefore you don’t need supplements if you follow the Food Guide Pyramid. Today we know the Food Guide Pyramid is neither accurate nor complete.

Those who propose taking supplements are often negatively placed into the alternate health care position. But we know there is a profound difference between the absence of scurvy and optimum health when taking vitamin C. And unfortunately until recently the FDA has taken the stance that one size fits all.

Do we buy fire insurance because we know we’re going to have a fire? So nutritional “insurance” will help provide us with a healthy body. Also, many drugs prescribed by doctors drain away vital nutrients. For example, if you are taking Lipitor, your doctor should prescribe Coenzyme Q 10. Mine didn’t. The essential fatty acids in fish oils does a better job than Lipitor in lowering cholesterol. But following that line would make a hugh dent in the $20 billion a year in sales for Lipitor alone. Take away the 95% that is not needed and see where that leaves the pharmaceuticals.

The reason the pharmaceutical companies need to advertise so heavily in print and TV is that thinking people would stop buying all these drugs if not for the scare tactics of the pharmaceutical companies. When people stop buying all these processed foods and go back to whole food without the nutrition taken out the pharmaceutical companies would loose billions and billions of dollars each year and they want to feed the fat cats.