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Sunday, October 4th, 2009

David Schmidt, a scientist, is the founder of Life Wave nanotechnology patches and the inventor of Life Wave technology. He specializes in energy production for both the military and commercial applications.

Our bodies have both a chemical system and a bioelectronics system. David Schmidt explains that when we go out into the sun, a frequency of light will cause our bodies to make vitamin D. A frequency of energy triggers a chemical change within our bodies. To make this work our bodies have what are called “photoreceptors” by which they take photons of light and produce chemical changes in our body.

The DNA in our cells emits specific frequencies of wavelengths of light that trigger all of the reactions that occur in the cells of our bodies.

David Schmidt has created nanotechnology patches that affect our bodies in different ways. For example he uses organic material to reflect specific wavelengths of light to come up with a combination of organic materials, like amino acids, sugar, water, and oxygen, which then trigger different reactions in the body.

For the rest of the story read Suzanne Somers book Breakthrough, chapter 33.