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Monday, November 15th, 2010

Mitochondria are the cellular energy generators that supply virtually all the power your body requires for a healthy life span. An abundance of published studies underscores the critical importance of the mitochondria to overall health, especially as we age. Energy-intensive organs like the heart and brain are dense with mitochondria.

Until recently, the only natural ways for aging individuals to increase the number of mitochondria in their bodies were long-term calorie restriction or exhaustive physical activity—which are difficult or impractical for most people to implement. PQQ offers a viable alternative.

PQQ is an essential nutrient, meaning your body cannot make it on its own. A growing body of research indicates that PQQ’s unique nutritional profile supports heart health and cognitive function—alone and in combination with CoQ10.

Life Extension

Kill Your Energy Builders

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Statin drugs like Lipitor kill mitochondria which is the energy maker in our cells. Without mitochondria the whole cell eventually dies. When scientists have done muscle biopsies on people taking statin drugs they find the muscle cells are dying.

Statin drugs such as Lipitor inhibit the body from making any more cholesterol, yet the brain and the gut need cholesterol to reproduce brain cells and neurons in the gut.

This is one reason why numerous people who are taking Lipitor are losing their memory.

For the rest of the story see Susan Somers, BREAKTHROUGH, p. 278f.

The Doctor’s Education

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Since doctors are the people who prescribe your drugs and look out for your overall health, I feel it is important to know where your doctors get their education. Today much of the doctor’s medical education is by drug companies. I know this is starting to change but it’s like making the Queen Mary make a U-turn in the middle of the ocean. It takes a long time.

Doctors go to conferences where they have organized lunch meetings, mostly sponsored by the drug companies touting their latest and greatest new drug. We have so many made-up illnesses today that it is easy for drug companies to tell the doctors only about their new drug and not necessarily the best cure for the patient. And when you’re a drug company making $22 billion a year on a drug like Lipitor you don’t want to tell your clients that omega-3 fish oils does a better job at a lower cost, and with no side effects. Instead you put out television ads proclaiming the wonders of your drug so that the misinformed public clamors for this or that drug. The power of suggestion is great to woo your audience. You tell the audience we’ve been selling this drug for 16 years therefore it must be good. They don’t tell you that people have lost their memory taking the drug. Or that Lipitor kills the mitochondria in your cells making you brain dead. Mitochondria are the energy factory of the cells. The pharmaceutical companies don’t tell you that omega-3 doesn’t take away your memory or your life.

It’s a very forward-thinking doctor who goes to an American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) convention to hear about unusual advances in medicine. Here they hear about nonpatentable medicine and how patients get well without drugs.

Check where your doctor “goes to school.”