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Change in America’s Health

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Do you really want to change your lifestyle into a healthier and happier existence? Start with changing your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat less red meat. Cut back on dairy. Exercise! Get up and walk about the house every 2nd commercial on TV. Most of those adds are for sick people or an inducement for you to become sick. Walk around the block after each meal. Move! Stand up! Stretch and touch your toes (you can’t see them – better start right now by putting away those junk food snacks.)

Do you realize that your health is YOUR personal responsibility? Your health is not up to your doctors, the healthcare system, or your genes. Your genes may make you predisposed to somethings but your actions can overcome those things in most cases.

Can you honestly look at your diet and make the changes to whole foods, far less red meat and dairy products, and begin that change today?

Find a doctor who doesn’t want to start with a prescription but rather a life change.

Good health to you.

Creating Conscious Health

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Dr. Kathryn Collins writes in her book “How Healthy Is Your Doctor” that we should create conscious healthy living. It begins with the awareness that every action you take from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night and beyond can be an awareness of doing the healthy thing.
What habits support your health and what habits make your health worse. Taking deliberate conscious steps each day soon becomes a habit and you can cut back on the junk food and fill it in with healthy whole food such as fruits and vegetables.
You begin to realize that it is YOUR choice toward a more healthy lifestyle or move towards disease and early death.

Dr. Collins gives the example of President Bill Clinton who was well-known for his fondness of burgers, barbecue, and junk food until he had his first heart attack and then had a quadruple bypass in 2004. He made small changes until his second heart attack in 2010. He was recommended to eat a more plant-based diet. Going vegan he lost a lot of weight and today looks and feels great.

Some people will follow a heavy plant-based diet but still have some junk food on occasion. One source estimates that a person taking this approach could lose up to 30 pounds in a year.

What’s your choice?

Functional Medicine

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Yesterday I wrote about my health problems and how the doctors keep looking for symptoms instead of looking at my whole bodily system.

Ralph Snyderman, MD, Duke University, talks about “P4 Medicine” of “Prospective Medicine” — personalized, preventative, predictive, and participatory. This means the patient actually participates in his own care.

Why is your system out of balance? Not, What medicine do I prescribe.

If you are really concerned about your health you must participate in your process. This means finding a doctor who is interested in you becoming whole. You also have to look for answers yourself. But beware in this department. There are a lot of misguided and mis-guidine people out there and many of them have an MD or a PhD behind their name.

Since almost everything I’ve read and studied says the nutrition (real food), exercise, and healthy environment will solve 70 to 90 percent of our diseases and bring us into real health.

Give it a try.

A New Approach To Health

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Dr. Mark Hyman in his book “The Blood Sugar Solution” writes about a new approach to maintaining our health. He talks about Functional Medicine being the “treatment” of the future.
He maintains that doctors must learn to treat the person, not the disease. What a novel idea. It’s personalized medicine.
You know before my cardiac arrest in May, 2007, I pretty much felt like the doctor was working for my BEST health. I was wrong. The doctor(s) are working to keep you alive but medicine. They are not taught to treat the whole person. They just search out the disease.
My last visit to the cardiologist this week showed me that even more clearly. After checking my meds, food supplements, and my heart rate he asked if I had any other questions. Then when I asked several different questions about how I was feeling and how I was not feeling healthy, he told me those questions did not fit into his area of expertise.
Now where do I go? I have two doctors, a primary doctor and a cardiologist, who tell me my heart is good, but I’m still not healthy.

Dr. Mark Hyman talks about a new approach.
“An understanding of the body’s basic systems, how they get out of balance, and how to get them back into balance allows us to create n individualized program for each person.

“This is patient-centered health care, rather than disease-focused medicine.” p.55

Prevention vs Cure

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Prevention is the act of keeping something from happening. When do you go to a doctor to STAY HEALTHY?
Our current medical system is not directed towards prevention. Doctors don’t get paid to tell someone to eat real food rather than processes food. Doctors don’t tell you that all the pesticides in food are killing you. Doctors don’t tell you that genetically modified foods can be dangerous to your health.
No, Doctors get paid for “treating” you. That’s our system. The pharmaceutical companies don’t get paid if you eat right, exercise and get proper rest. Pharmaceutical companies make money when they come up with a new drug and pay the Food and Drug Administration enough money to get it one the market before it’s had the long term effects measured.
The “pound of cure” is padding the pockets of investors and that’s why health-care costs are soaring out of control. For instance, instead of spending a week in a health managed environment where people learn to eat, exercise and lower stress (maybe for several thousand dollars ($3,000?) the doctor performs a $40,000 operation that may not work.
Think about it!


Monday, May 5th, 2014

Now we come to the most important group of healers. Those who take our nutrition seriously and see the benefits of wholesome food – food that is not injected with poisons, whether bug-killers or GMOs.
A note of caution here. The USDA and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) are not impartial groups for getting healthy nutrition. And yet these are the organizations that most doctors rely on.
The USDA is led by the dairy, meat, and food industries. Deep pockets and the greed of many people put money above health.
Let’s face it: the government does not protect the public. Our daily recommended food intakes was established during the war years and were set up to keep our soldiers alive but not necessarily healthy.
We have learned so much over the past few years and if we take to heart all the good practices and leave behind those studies which are out there to line the pockets of the stock-holder we will be healthier. Let’s face it – the pharmaceutical companies are in it to make a profit. If money wasn’t the bottom line there would be no adds on TV for all the latest drugs. That money would go into research. As it is they spend more on advertising than research.
A great place to find nutritional discussions was recommended to me by Dr. Kathryn Collins: Dr. Pam Popper’s website Wellness Forum

Remember Food is the number one source of health – real food, not processed food.


Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

In addition to your regular doctor you may think about bodyworkers, which is an important. You have massage therapists, Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, Rolfing and orthobionomy practitioners. I personally have used an orthobionomist when I was racked with pain from a drunk driver plowing into the back of my car at highway speeds.
There are also physical therapists, chiropractors, physical trainers and others. I have used chiropractors for over 50 years – some good, some bad (I left them right away) and some average.
It is easy for a massage therapist to massage stress away. I enjoy the benefits of a great relaxation with a good massage.
Physical therapists can help the body recover and possible avoid surgery. Over the years I have benefited from their skills.
I also know some people try to degrade any profession that doesn’t end with an MD. But just think: in 1848 the doctors tried to do away with mid-wives. In the 1960s the medical profession tried to do away with chiropractors. Now both are looked upon with respect and the truth is there are fewer deaths with mid-wives than medical doctors.
More to follow!

Dangerous to Your Health

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

It might come as a surprise to some people but the two industries most dangerous to your health are the cattle industry and the dairy industry.
Both now are genetically modifying the animals and other industries are modifying the food they eat.
Two other very dangerous industries are the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies.
The reason for all of this is PROFIT. Now there’s nothing wrong with making a profit but to do so at the expense of a person’s health is criminal. But in many cases they don’t break the law.
These industries have bought our politicians and so laws are made to protect the unethical practices of these companies.

Now if you truly value your health you will cut way back on eating red meat and only that which has not been contaminated with GMOs and are really natural or organic. Cut out most dairy products. Cows have been induced to give more milk and thus less healthy.

Turning to organic foods and eating lots of fruits and vegetables will improve your health. When you rid your body of the toxic poisons of chemical treatments your health will improve.

Now we do need certain medicines but let’s start with our nutritious food and use only medicines for a short period of time to improve our health.

Direct-To-Consumer Ads

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Did you know that only the United States and New Zealand are the only two counties in the world that allow drug companies to put ads on television and in other media? Here in the US TV ads began in the 1980s and then hit the newspapers and magazines. Sometimes you can’t go a page in a magazine without seeing another medical ad. I don’t get newspapers any more so I can’t speak to that.

How concerned are you about your health? Find a good source for learning more about health matters. Books like How Healthy is You Doctor? What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know by Dr. Kathryn Collins is a good place to start. Michael Pollan In Defense of Food & The Omnivore’s Dilemma are excellent books. Life Extension is a perfect magazine that I have been reading for years.

How Are Doctors Trained?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Western-trained medical doctors have been trained to fight disease. They are now just beginning to be trained to work on health.

The pharmaceutical companies teach doctors how to medicate patients, they do not treat health care.