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Your Gut

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Dr. Alejandro Junger, in 1998, realized that scientists noticed that all chronic diseases had one thing in common: inflammation. The chain is before chronic disease, there is inflammation; but before inflammation comes dysfunction.
For years I have been fighting inflammation but until now I never got to the source of my problem – your gut.
Everything goes back to gut dysfunction. Clean your gut and most chronic diseases will disappear. Sounds easy! But your gut didn’t get injured in a day and will not clear up in a day.
For two weeks now I have been cleaning out the inflammation in my body through treatments. I’ll go into more detail in the future.

Unfortunately the medical world is set up to see what’s ailing the patient now and then to give drugs and anti-bodies.

If you want to eliminate disease get to the root of the problem – your gut.

When Dr. Junger talks about the gut he refers to more than just the body’s digestive system. He talks about the living organisms inside the gut, the intestinal flora, and the immune and nervous systems around the walls of the intestines.

Dr. Junger’s contends that if you learn how your gut works and understand how to repair it and keep it clean, your life will be healthier and your life more vibrant.

Health Care Cost Crisis

Monday, March 14th, 2011

As scientific studies over the years have shown that 70 percent of our “diseases” are caused by improper food and lack of exercise, why hasn’t the government listened to our scientists?

I have read many scientific studies that show that even stage IV cancer has been reversed and people live 10, 20 years after the cancer has gone into remission. Some studies have shown that radiation will only treat some few kinds of cancer. I have also read that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Studies before, during and after World War II show that disease declined during WWII when Milk and Meat were rationed but shot up after WWII when rationing ended. Wouldn’t somebody in the government make the connection? One person that did was Senator George McGovern when his government committee was directed to see why people were so unhealthy. The committee report came out to cut our milk and meat consumption. McGovern lost in the next election. People didn’t want to hear the truth.

If scientists are correct that 70 percent of disease can be quickly changed by diet and exercise and that diet means cutting way, way back on red meat, would that mean cutting health care costs by 70 percent. I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies would find a way to make up for their losses. But then why can’t our government bargain for the cost they pay for prescription drugs and get the same low prices that other countries do?

Granted we currently have an unstainable system. But who profits most from making more drugs? And who pays the most for electing our politicians? Who profits as the expense of the average American?

If you are healthy now see a doctor who doesn’t believe in giving a pill for everything. If you are not healthy check out the alternative ways to restore your health. When Western medicine has tried it’s last resources and failed people try alternative ways and many times live.

Is your life worth it? You be the judge!


Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that is becoming more popular here in the United States and throughout the world. Reiki incorporates elements of just about every other alternative healing practice including spiritual healing, auras, chakra balancing, meditation, and homeopathy.

Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. It is a holistic, natural, hands-on energy healing system that touches all levels of body, mind and spirit.

As Americans become more concerned about body, mind and spirit it natural for many to look into Reiki for healing.

Effects of Poor Nutrition

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

As reported in Sunday’s Star Tribune, August 23, 2009, by Stephen Ohlemacher, AP, millions of older people will face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time since 1975. The reason, the government will deduct more for the Medicare prescription drug program. Recipients will receive the same dollar amount this year than they last year but the government will take more dollars out for Medicare so their checks will be smaller.

Older people need more medical help because they haven’t been getting proper nutrition as a rule. The lack of proper nutrition brings more disease and larger medical bills. If the pharmaceutical companies would push food supplements with the money they spend on advertising Americans would be healthier and not need their drugs. A catch 22.

Scientific studies have shown that most diseases come from lack of proper nutrition. Our bodies need the nutrients that are not in processed food. Therefore the need of supplementation is of vital importance.

Just to name a couple – we know that the majority of people do not get enough vitamin D. In Minnesota we only get enough vitamin D for three months out of the year. If we put on sunscreen then we don’t get enough even then. If we don’t put on sunscreen we could get skin cancer. Vitamin D3 is very inexpensive.

Coenzyme Q10 works in every cell of our body. As we get older out bodies don’t produce as much, so supplementation is necessary.

Omega-3, basically from fish oil, is an anti-inflammatory supplement. It lowers inflammation and reduces cholesterol.

The list goes on but I hope you get the idea, there are many ways you can reduce diseases like cardiac arrest, fibromyalgia, dementia, etc.

Red wine, red grapes, dark chocolate, green tea, more fiber all work to bring better health. Processed foods have too many pesticides, herbicides, salt, and that list goes on as well.

Remember, it’s never too late to improve your health.

A False Hope? Learn the Facts

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I found this article quite interesting. You can read the whole article at:
New York Times, February 17, 2009
Vitamin Pills: A False Hope? By TARA PARKER-POPE

“Ever since the Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Linus Pauling first promoted “megadoses” of essential nutrients 40 years ago, Americans have been devoted to their vitamins. Today about half of all adults use some form of dietary supplement, at a cost of $23 billion a year.

But are vitamins worth it? In the past few years, several high-quality studies have failed to show that extra vitamins, at least in pill form, help prevent chronic disease or prolong life.”

They did a number of studies of over 200,000 men and women. In the article it said that a well-balanced diet “typically provides an adequate level of these nutrients, and today many popular foods are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals.” What they didn’t tell you was that farm raised salmon typically doesn’t have much omega-3 because they are fed corn and soy. Wild salmon eat smaller fish which have fed on algae and are rich in omega-3.

Another question is: How many men and women in these studies are following the popular low fat-high carb food regimen that has been popular the last 50 years?

How many are on statin drugs which not only lowers cholesterol but also weakens muscles, including the heart? Statin drugs also lowers CoQ10 which ever cell in the body needs because CoQ10 supplies the energy to the body.

How many people are taking omega-3 which does a better job than statin drugs in lowering cholesterol? That $23 billion mentioned above on vitamins is less than the pharmaceutical companies are making on the statin drugs. And the vitamins are not doing the harm that statin drugs do.

How many people are loading up with foods saturated with hydrogenated oils? It’s hard for me to find any processed food that isn’t loaded with hydrogenated oils. And I’m looking. How many people just pull some food off the shelf and don’t look at the label?

How many people are using butter and lard instead of Crisco (a hydrogenated oil)?
When you’re taking poison into your system by way of hydrogenated oils vitamin pills are at a loss for doing their job.

How many people are using pure coconut oil that is not contaminated? Much of the coconut oil we find has been dried in the sun and then chemically processed to take out the impurities. Pure coconut oil doesn’t need this contamination process.

In these studies of over 200,000 men and women how many were eating healthy? Other studies tell us that most people do not eat healthy, they fill up on hydrogenated oils in their food, like margarine, vegetable oils processed by hydrogenation, and French fries (loaded with 40% hydrogenated oil – the high heat also contaminates food)?

My take on this: If you want a true test of vitamins, ignore what the government says about the daily recommended amount of vitamins. This was basically set in World War II to keep young soldiers alive. Go back to butter, lard, and eat plenty of green vegetables. Most of what the average American eats lead to obesity, type-2 diabetes, inflammation of the arteries, and poor health. Just look around you.

For more on this just peruse my blog on eating.

To Your Health and Wellness.