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Sunday, April 6th, 2014

In her book HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR DOCTOR? Dr. Kathryn Collins writes:

“Have you noticed how a lot of television drug ads talk about diseases nobody’s heard much about before, like erectile dysfunction and overactive bladder? Well, in the old days, we doctors used to call these conditions impotence and incontinence, respectively, and neither routinely required nor warranted pharmaceutical treatment.

“How about ‘fibromyalgia,’ now being diagnosed with increasing frequency and being treated with new, expensive antidepressant drugs? Would it surprise you to know that it’s drug companies, not doctors, who are now in the forefront of creating and labeling these medical entities and, of course, providing ‘necessary’ pharmaceutical treatments for them?

“A word to those of you who may currently carry a diagnosis of fibromyalgia; this painful, debilitating condition, while causing real distress and disruption of life to its sufferers, may very well be able to be improved and even resolved via nutritional and lifestyle measures (like regular, gradually increasing amounts of exercise). For now, you should just be aware that many integrative-medicine doctors and other complementary-medicine practitioners do not even consider fibromyalgia a disease but rather a collection of symptoms most often resulting from poor nutrition (possibly including Vitamin D deficiency) and lack of appropriate exercise.”