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Food Is A Powerful Medicine

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Studies have been published confirming that simple fruits and vegetables, among things like exercise, sleep, and reducing stress have the power to prevent and even heal serious disease.

Food is one of the most powerful and universal medicines we have. Eating real food, not highly processed food or food with a lot of food coloring or GMO food.

Several good doctors to follow are Dean Ornish and Andrew Weil.

We talk a lot today about how many Americans are overweight and obese. Cut out the junk food, soda pop and start eating real food – fruits and vegetables and cut way back on meat and dairy and you will start losing weight.

Pioneer Doctors

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

With an epidemic at hand and the poor results from “standard of care” chemotherapy medicine, it’s exciting to find doctors who will risk attack, lawsuits, ridicule and ostracization to think outside the box and CURE people with stage IV cancer. Non of these doctors have 100 percent cure rate but their rates are much, much higher than “standard of care” medicine.

Dr. Albert Braverman, M.D. states: “Many oncologists recommend chemotherapy for almost any type of cancer, with a faith that is unshaken by the almost constant failure.”

For years the Texas Medical Board tried to take away Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s medical license. ┬áThe FDA tried to put him in jail. His patients were passionate about defending him because they had been cancer free for years. Now if you still can’t use the word “Cured” that’s your problem. But 15, 20 years is a long time to be without cancer showing up in any xrays or scans. It was finally congress which stepped in and forced the FDA to allow him to continue.

Another champion is Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, from Manhattan, who treats all kinds of cancer patients. Dr. Gonzalez’s protocol is individualized diet, individualized supplementation, and intensive detoxification. The diets he prescribes range from a raw vegetarian diet to a red-meat one. Each is individualized.

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