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Big Pharma Gone Amuck with the Help of the FDA

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Medicure Pharma, Inc. (“Medicure”) is requesting that the Commissioner of Food and Drugs stop food supplement companies from selling vitamin B6 under penalty of law. Actually vitamin B6 contains pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (P5P). and Medicure wants to prohibit anyone from selling P5P because they have a product called MC-1 which has P5P in it.

The pharmaceutical companies are trying to prohibit the food supplement companies from producing and selling supplements at a reasonable price by proclaiming everything it a drug and needs to be regulated by the FDA (which they currently control).

It took my own research to take myself off of Lipitor almost two years ago. I know they say it has been researched for 16 or 17 years and approved. How many other drugs have been approved only to be taken off the market as people keep dying for these drugs.

The pharmaceutical companies also want to call cherries and walnuts drugs.

On February 22, 2010, the FDA sent a warning letter to a distributor of packaged walnuts called Diamond Foods, Inc.

The FDA said that walnuts sold by Diamond Foods cannot be legally marketed because the walnuts “are not generally recognized as safe and effective” for the medical conditions referenced on Diamond Foods’ website.

According to the FDA, these walnuts are now classified as “drugs” and the “unauthorized health claims” cause them to become “misbranded,” thus subjecting them to government “seizure or injunction.”

The FDA sent similar letters to a wide range of food distributors including those who sell green tea and pomegranate juice.

To read about the FDA’s latest attempt to obliterate the First Amendment, scientific rationality and health freedom click here: