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Friday, May 15th, 2015

I’ve written about CoQ10 before but as new studies come out we learn even more.

Mitochondria function in every cell of the body, they are the energy powerhouse. And coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an essential part of healthy functioning of each cell. CoQ10 is involved in the conversion of fats and sugars into useable energy.

We know that, like most things of the body, age makes CoQ10 decline. With the right amount of CoQ10, mitochondria can work efficiently throughout the body — including the heart. What most doctors don’t tell you is that when you take a statin drug you are draining CoQ10 out of your body. That’s why when I learned this years ago I took myself off of statin drugs. My doctor wouldn’t help me and the cardiologist didn’t fight me when I took myself off (“didn’t fight [me]” were the doctor’s words). That was back in 2007.

Now what I have recently learned is that the aging process reduces CoQ10 levels in the heart muscle wall by 72%, whereas statin drugs have been shown to reduce plasma CoQ10 by almost 40%. When you combine these the body hardly has a fighting chance to survive.

What I don’t know is what is the “right amount” of taking pharmaceutical grade CoQ10 in a man of 80. I’m still working on this. I do know that I have more energy now than I did just 12 months ago.

Stay tuned for updates.


Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Today CoQ10 is readily available and can be bought over the counter. It wasn’t always like that. The FDA banned it first so Japan become the country that profited from it. In fact twice the FDA seized the CoQ10 produced by Life Extension only having to return it after legal action by Life Extension. This action by the FDA caused millions of deaths in the U.S.
Moving on! The FDA and doctors like fast-acting drugs like warfarin (not popular now by the drug industry) over supplements like CoQ10 which takes a while to build up in the body’s system but has no harmful effects. And Life Extension found that low doses of CoQ10 didn’t provide the needed benefits.

My choice, for years, has been CoQ10 over fast-acting drugs that have harmful and sometimes deadly effects.

What’s your choice?

Some of this information has been taken from Life Extension Magazine.


Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

The December 2014 issue of the journal Atherosclerosis revealed an association in older men and women between higher levels of the lipid-soluble antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and a lower risk of developing dementia.

Kazumasa Yamagishi of Japan’s University of Tsukuba and colleagues conducted a case-control study of individuals aged 40 to 69 years upon enrollment in the Circulatory Risk in Communities Study between 1984 and 1994. Serum CoQ10 levels were measured in 65 men and women who developed disabling dementia between 1999 and 2004, and in 130 age- and gender-matched control subjects.

An association was observed between higher CoQ10 levels and a decline in the risk of developing dementia. Subjects whose CoQ10 levels were among the highest 25% of participants had a risk of dementia that was 77% less than those whose levels were among the lowest 25%. When the ratio of CoQ10 to total cholesterol was examined, a similar relationship was observed.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is rapidly approaching epidemic levels with up to 26 million Americans suffering from some form of kidney disease. The kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood every day. Our high-pressure and toxin-rich environment to surrounding renal function makes these delicate, highly complex organs especially vulnerable to damage, dysfunction, and disease.

High blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen), certain medications, and high-protein diets are the most common threats to kidney health.

Nutrients such as pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P), CoQ10, silymarin, resveratrol and lipoic acid along with Omega-3 are all clinically supported, potent interventions.

Read the whole story in May, 2010 issue of Life Extension.


Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Statin drugs are heavily used and over-prescribed because of misinformation and pharmaceutical promoted advertising, which isn’t always in favor of the customer. High doses of statin drugs are frequently unnecessary and pharmaceutical companies never suggest alternatives like Co-Q10 to offset the depletion by statin drugs. Depletion of Co Q10 can cause brain damage and loss of memory, so if you must take a statin drug you also must take Co Q10 to balance the loss.

I have been off of statin drugs for 18 months now and feel healthier than when I was taking Lipitor.

Protecting Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s Dementia

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are on the rise. The pharmaceutical companies have not found a drug that cures a person. What’s the answer?

It’s so simple that most people don’t know about it. It’s getting proper cellular nutrition.

Studies have shown that one of the largest if not the only cause of neurodegenerative diseases is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is simply the damage made to our cells by the normal process of metabolism, which creates free radicals.

Antioxidants to the rescue. But some antioxidants don’t pass through the blood brain barrier and then the cells begin to die. To keep a healthy brain we need a good diet, exercise and quality nutritional food supplements. A major factor in the death of brain cells are the statin drugs which take the cholesterol from the body. Without cholesterol, Co-Q10 and other nutrition, the brain cells die and the loss of mental capabilities sets in.

Studies today are showing with proper supplements which will pass through the brain blood cells some of the damaging effects can be reversed.

Again, eat good nutritious food, meditate, exercise regularly and take quality supplements.

Coenzyme Q10

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Several people have asked me about Co Q10 and what it does.

First of all Co Q10 is a compound that is made naturally in the body. As we grow older the body doesn’t make as much anymore. The Q and the 10 refer to the groups of chemicals that make up the coenzyme.

A coenzyme helps an enzyme do its job. An enzyme is a protein that speeds up the rate at which natural chemical reactions take place in the body. Co Q10 makes the energy necessary to the cells to grow and stay healthy. Co Q10 is also an antioxidant which protects the cells from free radicals which can damage DNA. This in turn protects the body against some cancers.

According to the journal Life Extension Coenzyme Q10 was identified in 1957 and its chemical structure was determined in 1958. By 1961 it was used as a possible treatment for cancer. Patients with low Co Q10 have been found with cancer.

Life Extension, September, 2009.

Effects of Poor Nutrition

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

As reported in Sunday’s Star Tribune, August 23, 2009, by Stephen Ohlemacher, AP, millions of older people will face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time since 1975. The reason, the government will deduct more for the Medicare prescription drug program. Recipients will receive the same dollar amount this year than they last year but the government will take more dollars out for Medicare so their checks will be smaller.

Older people need more medical help because they haven’t been getting proper nutrition as a rule. The lack of proper nutrition brings more disease and larger medical bills. If the pharmaceutical companies would push food supplements with the money they spend on advertising Americans would be healthier and not need their drugs. A catch 22.

Scientific studies have shown that most diseases come from lack of proper nutrition. Our bodies need the nutrients that are not in processed food. Therefore the need of supplementation is of vital importance.

Just to name a couple – we know that the majority of people do not get enough vitamin D. In Minnesota we only get enough vitamin D for three months out of the year. If we put on sunscreen then we don’t get enough even then. If we don’t put on sunscreen we could get skin cancer. Vitamin D3 is very inexpensive.

Coenzyme Q10 works in every cell of our body. As we get older out bodies don’t produce as much, so supplementation is necessary.

Omega-3, basically from fish oil, is an anti-inflammatory supplement. It lowers inflammation and reduces cholesterol.

The list goes on but I hope you get the idea, there are many ways you can reduce diseases like cardiac arrest, fibromyalgia, dementia, etc.

Red wine, red grapes, dark chocolate, green tea, more fiber all work to bring better health. Processed foods have too many pesticides, herbicides, salt, and that list goes on as well.

Remember, it’s never too late to improve your health.

Nutritional Supplements

Monday, August 17th, 2009

It’s hard to know where to begin when speaking of nutritional supplements. In 1982, supplement sales amounted to only two billion dollars. By 1999, sales were more than $15 billion, and growing more each day.

Only a couple of decades ago, just a few vitamins and minerals were the only supplements nutritionists needed to know about. Now with all the scientific advances that we have seen and are seeing every day, we’re beginning to understand how these supplements work in the human body.

Traditionally doctors have told us we don’t need supplements. They kept saying that over the years even as they began taking supplements for themselves. The FDA and other branches of our government are slow to come into the 21st century. Because the pharmaceutical companies basically write the laws on food and drugs, and the need for health care, neutraceuticals are being outlawed in many cases. The Food Guide Pyramid is calculated to contain all the nutrients a body needs. They maintain therefore you don’t need supplements if you follow the Food Guide Pyramid. Today we know the Food Guide Pyramid is neither accurate nor complete.

Those who propose taking supplements are often negatively placed into the alternate health care position. But we know there is a profound difference between the absence of scurvy and optimum health when taking vitamin C. And unfortunately until recently the FDA has taken the stance that one size fits all.

Do we buy fire insurance because we know we’re going to have a fire? So nutritional “insurance” will help provide us with a healthy body. Also, many drugs prescribed by doctors drain away vital nutrients. For example, if you are taking Lipitor, your doctor should prescribe Coenzyme Q 10. Mine didn’t. The essential fatty acids in fish oils does a better job than Lipitor in lowering cholesterol. But following that line would make a hugh dent in the $20 billion a year in sales for Lipitor alone. Take away the 95% that is not needed and see where that leaves the pharmaceuticals.

The reason the pharmaceutical companies need to advertise so heavily in print and TV is that thinking people would stop buying all these drugs if not for the scare tactics of the pharmaceutical companies. When people stop buying all these processed foods and go back to whole food without the nutrition taken out the pharmaceutical companies would loose billions and billions of dollars each year and they want to feed the fat cats.

Omega-3 Deficiency Brings Death

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Ever since I did some consulting work for Nordic Naturals in 2008 I have noticed the lack of omega-3 in our diets. Now Harvard University researchers bring us amazing news.

“Omega-3 deficiency is the sixth biggest killer of Americans and more deadly than excess trans fat intake, according to a new study.

“The Harvard University researchers looked at 12 dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors such as tobacco smoking and high blood pressure and used a mathematical model to determine how many fatalities could have been prevented if better practices had been observed.

“The study, jointly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Association of Schools of Public Health, drew on 2005 data from the US National Health Center for Health Statistics. They determined that there were 72,000-96,000 preventable deaths each year due to omega-3 deficiency, compared to 63,000-97,000 for high trans fat intake.” (1)

There were some gaps in the study. Vitamin D was not brought into consideration and I don’t believe that Co-Q10 was looked at either. But it is amazing how we have overlooked a number of vitamins and minerals over the last 50 years. Now it’s true we didn’t know about all of the effects of poor nutrition but the process food makers knew they were leaving out a look of the nutrition in their reach for profit.

Remember, it’s your life and you are the ultimate responsible person. Read what you can and when you read scientific studies try to find independent labs that do the studies. They won’t get their funding cut if they give an honest report.

(1) Read the whole story in June 26, 2009