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Eat Chocolate

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Dr. Andrew Weil reports on a new study which shows that heart attack patients who regularly ate dark chocolate were less likely to suffer a fatal cardiac arrest within eight years following their first heart attack.

Self Healing, Dr. Andrew Weil’s October 2009 newsletter

The Benefits of Chocolate

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

The British Journal of Nutrition points out the difference between chocolate and cocoa. Reviewers from the Nestle Research Center point out that cocoa is the non-fat component of cocoa liquor which is used in chocolate making or as cocoa powder (usually 12 percent fate) for cooking and drinking.

Cocoa liquor contains about 55 percent cocoa butter and goes into the cocoa solids.

A study by researchers from the University Hospital of Cologne found that eating cocoa had positive effects on blood pressure.

The term “milk chocolate” did not come up in the study. I have read it is the “dark” chocolate that is healthy with 65 or 70 percent cocoa.

Full article at October 21,2009